Unfair Dismissal Claim (Your Rights)

unfair dismissal claims

If you believe your employer has dismissed you unfairly, you may be able to take legal action against them by bringing an unfair dismissal claim for compensation. However, not all employees are eligible to bring such a claim, and strict time limits apply. Below we look at what constitutes an “unfair dismissal”, including the eligibility […]

Constructive Dismissal (Employer FAQs)

Constructive dismissal is where an employer has committed a sufficiently serious breach of contract that the employee’s only option is to resign in response to the employer’s conduct or treatment. Constructive dismissal is recognised as being difficult for employees to prove at tribunal.   What is constructive dismissal? Constructive dismissal applies only in limited circumstances. […]

ACAS Early Conciliation Form (Need Help?)

If a workplace dispute with your employer has escalated and you are considering making a tribunal claim, there are steps you will need to follow before you get to the Employment Tribunal. ACAS rules require a potential claimant to go through the Early Conciliation process before a tribunal claim can be issued. ACAS early conciliation […]