Case Law: Covert CCTV Recordings in the Workplace

Protection of privacy for employees What do employers need to be aware of when considering covert recordings in the workplace? In López Ribalda and Others v. Spain, the European Court of Human Rights has overturned a previous judgment it made in the case of López Ribalda and others v Spain, the case where a supermarket […]

Case Law: Probation Officer Fairly Dismissed For Failure to Disclose

In Q v Secretary of State for Justice UKEAT/0120/19 (10 January 2020), the EAT held a probation service officer was fairly dismissed for failing to disclose dealings with social services in a personal capacity. This case demonstrates the difficulties an employee may face when challenging a dismissal after they have failed to take into account a […]

Case Law: Vegetarianism & Veganism: Protected Characteristics?

In the case of Conisbee v Crossley Farms Ltd and Others, the employment tribunal made a ruling that vegetarianism was not considered to be a protected characteristic under equality law. The basis of this decision was that it did not meet the relevant criteria for establishing a protected philosophical belief. The above case contrasts to […]