Breach of Employment Contract by Employer

If your employer fails to meet its contractual duties, you can take action.

We can help with breach of contract claims.

Breach of Employment Contract by Employer

Employees benefit from a number of protections relating to their employment contract, including protection when employers attempt to make changes to the terms or remedies where there has been a breach of employment contract by employer. 

Your employment contract is the basis of your relationship with your employer. It should provide clarity and protection to both parties, setting out your employment rights and responsibilities and your employer’s obligations and duties.

Employers should handle any change in the contract terms of an existing employee with care.

Depending on the nature of the change and the term in question, they may first have to get your consent.

Breach of Employment Contract: What you need to know

The terms of the contract are binding on both parties until the agreement has been ended lawfully, for example, at the end of a fixed term, or by the employee resigning or being dismissed.

If one party breaches the terms of the contract, the other may be able to take action. Employees may be given cause to claim for constructive or unfair dismissal or breach of contract. Likewise, employees must also comply with the terms of the contract or risk internal disciplinary action or dismissal.

We can help

If you believe your employer has failed to meet its duties under your employment contract, we can help. 

While employees benefit from many legal protections and rights under employment law, the employment contract can offer additional protections and benefits. 

We can review your contract to establish if your employer is in breach, and advise on your options in the circumstances, which could include raising a grievance, seeking a settlement or making a tribunal claim or claim for breach of contract. 


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