Objective Setting Guide for Managers

objective setting

Setting objectives at work is a key part of motivating and managing your team, as well as helping to optimise their performance. In this practical guide for managers, we look at how to set objectives for employees at work, from the different types of objectives that can be used and how these can be set, […]

UK General Work Visa Options

uk general work visa

For UK-based employers looking to recruit migrant workers, there are various different visa options available under the UK’s Immigration Rules. Although there is no actual ‘general work visa’ – one which covers every scenario when it comes to hiring an overseas national – the skilled worker visa is one of the most commonly-used visa routes […]

How To Sponsor Someone For A Work Visa

how to sponsor someone

UK-based employers will typically need to have a valid licence to sponsor someone for a work visa in the UK In this guide, we take a practical look at the rules on sponsoring overseas workers, the eligibility requirements you’ll need to meet and the process to make an application for a sponsorship licence.   What […]

Which Sponsor Licence Should You Apply For?

types of sponsor licence

With a new UK points-based immigration system having been introduced in the wake of Brexit, all UK-based businesses now usually need a sponsor licence to recruit non-UK resident workers who don’t otherwise have the requisite immigration permission to work in the UK. There are different types of sponsor licences available, depending on the type of […]

Employment Case Law Update November 2023

does an employer have to give a reference

Read on for our monthly digest for employers on upcoming employment law changes and key, recent employment tribunal cases.   Unfair dismissal & Heat of the Moment Resignations Omar v Epping Forest District Citizens Advice This case involved Mr. Omar, who resigned verbally during a heated exchange with his line manager. Mr Omar subsequently sought […]