Continuous Employment (Employer Guidance)

The continuous employment rules can play a crucial role in determining the employment entitlements of your workforce. It is therefore important to understand how these rules work and how they can potentially impact your decision-making when dealing with an employee’s workplace rights and terminating a contract of employment.   What is continuous employment? Continuous employment […]

Fit Note Guidance for Employers

As an employer or line manager, the fit note can provide you with invaluable insight into the short or long-term health condition of an individual employee, from the nature of their illness to how long they are likely to be on sick leave. It can even set out ways in which you can support their […]

How to Write a Reference Letter

An employee in need of a reference may be moving on to a different job role for all sorts of reasons, for example, if they are relocating, due to other personal circumstances, or simply because they want a fresh start or they are looking to progress their career. However, whatever the reason, they will almost […]

Disciplinary Procedure Guide for Managers

When an employee has acted inappropriately at work or they have gone against company policy, employers can respond by taking disciplinary action. Embarking on a formal disciplinary procedure may become necessary to ensure that any unacceptable or improper behaviour at work, or poor performance matters, that cannot be resolved informally, are appropriately addressed. Regardless of […]