Employment Case Law Update August 2022

Read on for our monthly digest for employers on upcoming employment law changes and key employment cases that have recently been decided.   Whistleblowing Kong v Gulf International Bank (UK) Ltd The claimant, Ms Kong, was the Head of Financial Audit at Gulf International Bank (UK) Ltd. As part of a draft audit report, Ms […]

Notice Period To Change Employment Contract Terms

Changing an employee’s contract of employment is not something you can usually do without their consent. Further, even where the employment contract contains some form of flexibility or variation clause, you can only make use of this type of contractual provision where it is reasonable to do so and having provided the employee with sufficient […]

Change of Employment Contract Terms

A change of employment contract terms can present legal risk for employers and can raise significant concerns with affected employees. In this guide for employers, we explain the legal position on varying contract terms and how to approach any such change with individuals to reduce potential for complaints and negative impact on working relations and […]