Global Mobility Issues for the Sports Sector

sports global mobility issues

Sport is an increasingly global business requiring a multinational perspective and a concerted focus by HR to identify and tackle challenges in global mobility programmes.   Millennial expectations The increasing willingness of the new generations to move abroad goes hand in hand with increased expectation in terms of lifestyle, career opportunities, and flexibility. The destinations […]

HR Issues for the Sports Sector

sports sector hr issues

Outlined in this article are key HR challenges the sports industry currently faces.   Millennials & Gen Z Now more than ever, the sports industry is faced with an uphill battle of finding ways to entice millennials to actually participate in and attend events. The rise of technology has made it exponentially easier to view […]

Immigration Issues for the Sports Sector

sports immigration issues

Under the current UK immigration system, athletes regularly face being denied entry on arrival or being delayed at the border for failing to take into account immigration requirements. Yet the immigration issues facing sports organisations and employers are set to intensify as Brexit and the introduction of a new immigration system take effect. We look […]

Global Mobility Issues for the Education Sector

education global mobility issues

The quest for excellence is encouraging a growing number of higher education institutions (HEIs) to reach out to international audiences, partners and collaborators. Increasingly, national governments are also recognising the advantages international engagement brings to their education systems, economy and society. The landscape that UK HEIs operate in is changing. The market for higher education […]

HR Issues for the Education Sector

education sector hr issues

The UK education sector has changed dramatically in recent years. The demands and challenges on schools, colleges and universities have increased, placing more pressure onto HR personnel.   Students as customers Education institutions currently face having to represent a hybrid model – perceived as having both an important public duty to carry out but also […]

Employment Law Issues for the Education Sector

education sector employment law issues

A number of significant recent employment cases and imminent legislative changes are affecting employers in the education sector.   Age discrimination & justifying pay policy  In Ewart v The Chancellor, Master and Scholars of the University of Oxford, the employment tribunal held that the dismissal of a University professor under an Employer Justified Retirement Age […]

Immigration Issues for the Financial Services Sector

financial services immigration issues

Financial services remain highly dependent on the ability to hire highly-skilled talent from across the world. With a new immigration system imminent, the future success and sustainability of the UK’s FS sector will be reliant on post-Brexit immigration rules that support and enable global competitiveness.   End of EU free movement While EU and UK […]

Immigration Issues for the Tech Sector

tech immigration issues

The UK faces a digital skills crisis and as the economy digitises, competition for tech talent will only become fiercer. Whilst industry and government work to create a domestic pipeline of future tech talent, there is an immediate need for skilled labour in the tech sector. Migration, both from Europe and the rest of the […]

Global Mobility Issues for the Financial Services Sector

fs global mobility issues

In an ever more globalised marketplace, international mobility can improve FS firms’ ability to reach into fast growth markets and forge the global mindset needed by today’s business leaders. In a sector battling limited availability of skills as a threat to growth prospects, the ability to move talent to where demand is greatest is a […]

Employment Law Issues for the Financial Services Sector

fs emp law issues

Global markets, high pay, increasing regulation, more aggressive enforcement, media and political scrutiny and mobile talent characterise the financial services sector. These factors raise particular employment law issues.   Senior Managers & Certification Regime  The Financial Conduct Authority has introduced new rules to ensure that individuals in the financial services sector are held to account for […]