Global Mobility Trends: 2020 & Beyond

An awareness of global mobility trends is essential for mobility and HR professionals within multinational organisations. Keeping your finger on the pulse allows you to ensure compliance, derive competitive advantage and maximise value and return from international projects, leading to lower expatriate failure rates and overall, a happier, more motivated, productive and engaged workforce. Each […]

Employment Law Issues for the Tech Sector

tech employment law issues

2020 is set to bring a number of employment law changes and issues affecting tech sector companies.   Changes to off payroll tax treatment  One of the most significant employment changes relates to tax legislation regulating off-payroll working (commonly known as IR35), which comes into effect on 6 April 2020. These new rules will require […]

HR Issues for the Tech Sector

tech sector HR issues

Now more than ever, HR executives at technology companies can assume the triple role of change agent, trusted advisor, and strategic business partner as they work ever closer with management and functional leaders.   Reshaping the HR function  The next-generation HR function has an essential role to play, replacing traditional leading practices and costcutting approaches […]

HR Issues for the Health & Social Care Sector

health & social care hr issues

Staffing needs, human capital management and growth are a priority for every business, but for health & social care providers, the additional consideration of patient safety and care standards add even more weight to the gravity of the HR role. With a growing demand for care and support within the UK, the pressure on social […]

Immigration Issues for the Health & Social Care Sector

health & social care immigration issues

Among the challenges presented by the UK’s departure from the EU is the impact on international recruitment of health and social care providers that rely on staff who are EU nationals. With the UK now having officially left the EU, the imperative for the health and social care sector is to ensure preparation and readiness […]

Employment Law Issues for the Health & Social Care Sector

health emp law issues

Employers in the health & social care industry are dealing with a growing number of employment law challenges. An aging workforce, rising demand for healthcare services and moral and well-being concerns are driving shortages of appropriately skilled healthcare staff – all playing against the backdrop of Brexit and uncertainties about the UK’s future legislative framework. […]

Immigration Issues for the Oil & Gas Sector

oil gas immigration issues

Oil and gas companies operating in the North Sea region remain reliant on the global talent market and international recruitment to meet workforce needs. Yet the current UK immigration system offers little to support the commercial realities of hiring in a globally-mobile industry. These issues are further compounded by the imminent overhaul of the UK […]

Global Mobility Issues for the Oil & Gas Sector

oil gas global mobility issues

Ever-growing energy demands are creating opportunities for mobile workers and their employers in both new and traditional destinations. Together, these locations are all providing fresh challenges for oil and gas HR and global mobility teams as they work to support corporate strategy and provide the highly skilled technical talent required to service rising energy needs […]

Employment Law Issues for the Oil & Gas Sector

oil gas emp law issues

The oil and gas sector has always raised complex employment law issues. Large projects, globally mobile workers, extreme conditions and the risk of accidents in what is a truly global industry. Despite the difficulties in the petrochemical market in recent years and against a backdrop of lower oil prices, the oil and gas industry has […]

HR Issues for the Oil & Gas Sector

oil gas HR issues

While HR is fundamentally changing across industries, three key themes are driving disruption in HR specific to the oil and gas sector. The imperative for energy companies remains the pursuit of innovation in workforce planning and operations.   Workforce demographic shifts Current workforce demographics place the vast majority of oil and gas workers either older […]