Ireland Investor Immigration Programme

The Ireland Investor Immigration Programme grants residency to eligible investors who can evidence personal net assets worth more than €2 million. Ireland has become an increasingly attractive destination for non-EEA nationals seeking residence in an EU country through investment. A small but highly globalised economy, Ireland offers competitive corporate taxation, access to an educated, English-speaking workforce […]

EEA Residence Card

An EEA residence card proves your enduring right to reside in the UK. When the UK formally departs from the EU, the continuing rights of EEA nationals residing in the UK are, at this stage, unclear. Many EEA citizens are making permanent residence applications now in anticipation that this proof of permanent residence will be […]

EEA PR (Apply for Permanent Residence)

Since this article was published, the UK has introduced a new requirement on EEA nationals in the UK. To retain existing rights after Brexit, EU citizens must register under the EU settlement scheme before the UK leaves the European Union. You can apply to become a British citizen after 12 months with settled status. Contact […]