Tier 2 cooling-off for University lecturers

Universities who recruit new Tier 2 staff from within the UK can instinctively primarily focus on Resident Labour Market Test (“RLMT”) issues. Some lecturers begin working at a university on a part time basis while they are studying at it, and once their course has completed, they switch immigration category from a Tier 4 visa […]

Maltese Individual Investor Program (Malta IIP)

Malta has recently introduced the Maltese Individual Investor Program (Malta IIP) which will allow applicants and their dependents to obtain a Maltese citizenship. The programme is aimed at high net worth individuals who are able to buy/rent a property, contribute to the National Development and Social Fund and invest in government securities. Terms of the […]

DavidsonMorris Immigration Training – Law You Can Understand

Commitment to client care has always been a trademark of DavidsonMorris. We particularly believe in sharing knowledge, which is why we have become famous for our webinars where we fuse legal, common sense, and practical applications when updating on various aspects of immigration law and the frequent changes introduced by the Home Office. The sheer […]