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Immigration for the oil and gas sector

DavidsonMorris is a modern legal services provider that specialises in providing value and solutions-based guidance on immigration law.

We have extensive experience within the energy and petrochemical sector and are one of the leading providers of immigration support to this sector.

We understand the extreme challenges currently facing petrochemical businesses across the globe.

The recent downturn in production across the oil and gas industry is resulting in companies addressing every aspect of the supply chain, while ensuring service standards are maintained and eliminating practices that add to timeframes and costs.

We help ensure that our clients’ global mobility programmes are both fully compliant with immigration requirements and effective in supporting commercial operations.


From offices in London and Aberdeen, our specialist team delivers immigration consultancy and managed migration services to petrochemical companies of all sizes.

We have a strong track record in identifying appropriate routes and substantial knowledge and understanding of visa and migration options in support of large corporates with global operations.

In particular we help our energy clients:

  • Meet their immigration compliance and right to work obligations
  • Help them streamline immigration processes
  • Improve internal immigration support functions through learning and professional development programmes to ensure the long-term retention of high-calibre human resources
  • Improve the recruitment and retention of high-calibre staff

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