Sponsor Licence Downgraded?

sponsor licence downgrade

Sponsor licence holders are legally required to meet certain compliance duties. Where there has been a failure to discharge those duties, the Home Office can take enforcement action against the organisation, including downgrading the sponsor licence from an A to B rating. In this guide, we explain what a sponsor licence downgrade means, the steps to […]

Sponsor Licence Expired?

sponsor licence expired

If your organisation’s sponsor licence has expired and it has not been renewed, you will need to take action quickly to regain status as a sponsor licence holder. Without a valid sponsor licence, you are not permitted to lawfully employ sponsored migrant workers. This leads to a number of immigration problems directly affecting the immigration […]

Sponsor Licence Suspended? (Act Now!)

sponsor licence suspended

If the Home Office considers your organisation has breached its immigration compliance duties, it may take the decision to suspend your sponsor licence. Your organisation could also see its license suspended if it is no longer eligible or suitable to hold a licence. When a licence has been suspended, the Home Office can decide to […]

Home Office Sponsor Action Plans Explained

home office action plan

The following guidance for UK-sponsors examines the Home Office enforcement process for non-compliance with your sponsorship duties, including the various stages involved in that process if you’re suspected of being, or proven to be, in breach of UK sponsorship rules.   What is a Home Office sponsor action plan? If you successfully apply for a […]