Sponsor Licence Change of Circumstances

sponsor licence change of circumstances

Given the business-critical nature of sponsoring migrant workers, careful and effective management of your sponsor licence is essential to avoid Home Office enforcement action that could impact your operations. As a UK sponsor licence holder, either under the Workers and Temporary Workers routes, you must ensure you have the necessary HR processes in place to maintain […]

Mergers, Acquisitions & Sponsor Licences

Merger will affect sponsor licence

Mergers, acquisitions or any type of organisational restructure are inherently complex projects. While resources and attention for the restructuring process are typically focused on finance, taxation and stakeholder communications, one area which is commonly overlooked is immigration compliance. If your organisation is undergoing a change in ownership or a change in structure due to a merger or acquisition, […]

SMS Level 1 User Guide

The role of key personnel in managing an organisation’s sponsor licence can’t be underestimated in ensuring compliance with the employer’s duties under its sponsor licence. The management of the sponsorship licence is conducted through the sponsor management system and therefore it is essential that the key personnel, in particular any level 1 user(s), are able […]

Sponsor Licence Expired?

sponsor licence expired

If your organisation’s sponsor licence has expired and it has not been renewed, you will need to take action quickly to regain status as a sponsor licence holder. Without a valid sponsor licence, you are not permitted to lawfully employ sponsored migrant workers. This leads to a number of immigration problems directly affecting the immigration […]

6 Steps To Pass A Home Office Inspection

A Home Office inspection can be a cause of real concern for organisations. The Home Office has powers to investigate employers to ensure they are meeting their obligations under the prevention of illegal working regime and if they are licenced sponsors, to ensure the employer is meeting its sponsor licence duties. While immigration compliance may […]

Home Office Sponsor Compliance Visits

The Home Office has confirmed it is resuming onsite compliance inspections following the temporary suspension of compliance auditing due to the pandemic. Organisations with pending sponsor licence applications are expected to be the initial focus, but employers in general are advised to take action to review their immigration compliance to avoid Home Office scrutiny and […]

Authorising Officer SMS & Compliance Duties

Among the many compliance duties placed on sponsor licence holders is the requirement to nominate an ‘Authorising Officer’ as one of the key personnel roles. It will be critical for the individual holding this role to fully understand the extent and importance of their duties as the AO, since the Home Office can impose significant […]

Resident Labour Market Test (HR Guide)

The Resident Labour Market Test is one of the more challenging requirements of hiring under the Points Based System. While your organisation may already have a tried and tested recruitment policy and process for advertising job roles, as a sponsor licence holder you will need to ensure this satisfies the stringent and particular criteria under […]