UKBA 28 days grace period

*Important notice: This post was published prior to a change in immigration rules in November 2016 which removed the 28 day grace period for UK visa applications. Under the current rules (as at March 2018), where the Secretary of State considers there is a ‘good reason’ which was out of the applicant’s control that led […]

Tier 1 Switching to Tier 2 – Clock is Ticking

Tier 1 Switching to Tier 2 With 6 April 2015 fast approaching, extending under the Tier 1 (General) category will no longer be an option. Such applications will no longer be accepted by the immigration arm of the Home Office, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). However, switching into the Tier 2 (General) category may be […]

Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship Application 2015

Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship application for April 2015 (Updated 23 March 2015) UKVI will accept applications to the April allocation from 6 March to 7 April. However, as these certificates cannot be assigned until after 6 April, applications will be assessed against the salaries set out in the new Codes of Practice (Appendix J). UKVI […]

Immigration Update 2015

This morning we hosted our last webinar of the year ‘Immigration Update 2015’ where we looked at the changes which came into effect in 2014 and most importantly how they will impact and what to expect in 2015. We thank everyone who tuned in for yet another packed and fantastic session, and we bring some […]

North Sea Platform Decommissioning

We found a recent article of the Royal Academy of Engineers as regards North Sea platform decommissioning and its link to skills deficiency quite fascinating, and in line with what a number of our clients in the oil & gas industry are experiencing. The article highlights that decommissioning will be an ongoing activity over the […]

UKVI Emails Surrender Sponsor Licence

Surrender Sponsor Licence It has come to our attention that UKVI are contacting Authorising Officers of Licences which are not being used (i.e where organisations are not currently sponsoring anyone while the Licence is still valid) and haven’t been for some time to suggest that the Authorising Officer on behalf of the organisation may wish […]

Organisational Restructures and Your Sponsor Licence

This morning we held a webinar which covered the impact that mergers, acquisitions, demergers, and any other organisational restructures have on your Sponsor Licence and immigration compliance. This is a broad area in which we have specialised since the beginning of the Points Based System (PBS), which has attracted quite a bit of change since […]

Change of Circumstances Home Office

Change of Circumstances Home Office Fantastic webinar this morning with some excellent feedback, so thank you very much to all those who participated and rated it so highly. Thank you also to Jacqueline and Carla who shared their wisdom and extensive knowledge on the process and requirements of reporting change of circumstances both from their […]

Immigration Bill 2014 – the Implication for Employers

Immigration Bill 2014 As shared in previous posts, the Immigration Bills is now law after receiving Royal ascent on 14 May. The Act is not yet in force, however it does introduce some sweeping changes to different areas of immigration, asylum and nationality law. Today, we will focus on its provisions and impact as regards […]

London Visa

Boris Johnson is in talks with the Home Office over setting up a “London visa” to attract business talent to the capital reports Pippa Crerar in tonights Evening Standard. The Mayor’s office has submitted plans to Theresa May’s department for a yearly allocation of 100 “exceptional talent” visas. The Home Office currently issues 1,000 such […]