Our values

As a modern legal services provider, our values are at the core of how work with our people and our clients.

Our values

We have four brand values that underpin our approach, actions and processes. Our values define our culture and how we interact with clients, suppliers and each other.

Respect & integrity

We display respect in interactions with each other, our clients and our suppliers. We always do the right thing in our decisions, negotiations and communications.


We cultivate genuine collaboration between teams, with clients and suppliers.

‘Can-do’ attitude

We strive to make DavidsonMorris a better place by developing our people, building our brand and supporting our communities.​

Passion to excel 

We achieve distinction through our service standards and operations.

– Chambers & Partners UK

Our approach

We apply our values in how we work with our people and our clients. 

Working with our clients 

Our policies reflect the SRA Code of Conduct 2011, the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner Code of Standards and, in the case of employees who are members of any other professional bodies, guidelines published by those bodies.

All DavidsonMorris employees are trained in professional ethics and are required to conduct themselves and their work in accordance with the firm’s ethical policies. These cover DavidsonMorris’ commitment to fundamental ethical principles. We also have in place systems to identify conflicts of interest and guidance on how to manage these if they should arise.

Working with each other 

Success relies on having first-class people committed to achieving the same aim: growing and succeeding alongside our clients. Our commitment to exceeding clients’ expectations gives us a crucial advantage in a highly competitive market.

We treat our people as individuals, recognising that motivations and aspirations vary, and offer support and development in areas including:

  • Physical and mental health & wellbeing
  • Health and safety
  • Professional training
  • Continuing Professional Development


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