L 1 Visa Application Advice & Guidance

The L-1 visa is for intra-company transfers of non-US workers to a US-based branch or subsidiary.


The L 1 visa allows overseas companies to transfer executives, managers and specialized knowledge employees to a new or existing US office.

To overcome adjudicator concerns, L 1 visa applications will need to be robust and the supporting documentation comprehensive to evidence that the L 1 visa requirements are being met.


What is an L 1 visa?

The L 1 visa is designed to support businesses in expanding into the US with a minimal investment.

L 1 visas are available to employees of an international company with offices in both the United States and abroad. The visa allows such foreign workers to relocate to the organisation’s US office to deliver expansion, such as opening a new office.

To qualify for the L 1 visa, you must have worked for a subsidiary, parent, affiliate or branch office of a US company outside of the US for at least one year out of the last three years.

Spouses of L 1 visa holders are allowed to work without restriction in the US under the L 2 visa. In time, the L 1 holder may become eligible to apply for a Green Card.


What you need to know about the L 1 Visa

The L 1 visa application process is intensive, requiring comprehensive supporting documentation to be submitted between 6 months and 45 days before the employee’s requested start date.

Given the complexity of the L 1 visa application, it is important to seek legal advice early on the application process to avoid delays and errors, and to ensure your case is effectively represented to the US Government.

For more information about the L1 Visa see this excellent L1 Visa Guide by Nita Upadhye.

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