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What Is Hybrid Working?

Hybrid working offers a new workforce solution for employers adapting to the new, post-pandemic normal. The coronavirus pandemic caused employers to radically rethink traditional working arrangements. As we emerge from

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Pros & Cons of Performance Related Pay

Performance related pay is any form of pay system in which some component of remuneration or salary progression is contingent on performance, either individually or jointly, usually measured against a

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What Makes Good Line Manager?

Line managers play a vital role in the operation of a business, supervising and managing employees on a daily basis and acting as a liaison between the workforce and management

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Reward Management: Best Practice Guide

Reward management is the introduction of policies and strategies that rewards every employee within the business fairly and consistently across the board. Rewarding employees for outstanding work makes them feel

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Relocation Policy (What to Include?)

Handled badly, a workplace relocation has the potential to impact morale and productivity, and key personnel may opt to leave the company, creating the additional expense of hiring and training

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Offering Voluntary Redundancy

Employers should consider all workforce options before pursuing compulsory redundancies. This includes offering voluntary redundancy. As a way to reduce headcount, ‘self selection’ for redundancy can bring a number of

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