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Employment Case Law Update 2022 Round Up

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In this issue of our monthly employment case law update, we round up ten of the most interesting and noteworthy cases for employers from the past 12 months. Given the breadth of developments in employment law during 2022, shortlisting only ten cases was a particular challenge, but our monthly case law updates continue to be available on our website for your reference.


1. Rodgers v Leeds Laser Cutting Ltd

COVID-related dismissal

This year saw cases dealing with COVID-related dismissals, disciplinaries and return to work disputes start to come before the employment tribunal. In this case, the EAT found, on the facts, that the claimant, did not have a reasonable belief that there were substantial and impending dangers at work or elsewhere. Read our full case review here.

A further case from Scotland dealing with long COVID was Burke v Turning Point Scotland.


2. Smith v Pimlico Plumbers Ltd

Holiday pay 

Earlier this year, the long-running case between Smith and Pimlico Plumbers saw the Court of Appeal decide on the matter of holiday pay in relation to employment status. Read our full case review here.

On the subject of holiday pay – the case of Harpur Trust v Brazel brought significant change to holiday entitlement for those working unfixed hours. 


3. Forstater v CGD Europe

Gender critical belief discrimination 

The Employment Appeal Tribunal established that gender-critical views are protected as a belief under the Equality Act 2010. Read our full case review here. Other notable 2022 cases on this developing area of law include Bailey v Stonewall Equality Ltd and others, and Mackereth v DWP.


4. Kong v Gulf International Bank Ltd


The Court of Appeal confirmed the conduct of a whistleblower when making a protected disclosure is a material consideration. Read our full case review here.


5. Kocur v Angard Staffing Solution Ltd

Agency worker rights 

The Court of Appeal gave clarity about the recruitment rights of agency workers. Read our full case review here.


6. Mogane v Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Employee consultation 

This decision reminds employers of the importance of meaningful redundancy consultation that allows affected employees the opportunity to influence the outcome, even where the redundancy pool is only one employee. Read our full case review here. 


7. Allen v Primark Stores Ltd

Indirect discrimination

The EAT confirmed the comparison pool for indirect discrimination claims must relate to precise PCP pleaded by claimant. Read our full case review here.


8. Macken v BNP Paribas  

Equal pay & sex discrimination 

The remedy hearing saw a payout of £2,080,000 in damages, which included £15,000 of aggravated damages, and an order for the employer to undertake an equal pay audit. Read our full case review here.


9. R v Andrewes 

Lying on CV

This Supreme Court decision deals with the confiscation regime under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2022. Read our full case review here.


10. Marangakis v Iceland Food Ltd

Vanishing dismissal 

The EAT considered circumstances where a disciplinary appeal is successful and the preceding dismissal is therefore regarded as having effectively ‘vanished’. Read our full case review here.


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Last updated: 29 December 2022

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