Dispute Over Wages

Issues over unauthorised deductions or non-payment of wages require skilful handling. We can help enforce your pay rights.


Employees can feel uncomfortable raising a dispute over wages with their employer, but tackling pay issues early is the best way to avoid an issue escalating into a claim.

If you are facing issues with pay, unexpected deductions or if you can’t agree with your employer how much you should have been paid, take advice on your rights to resolve the issue and to make a claim for unlawful deduction from wages.

What you need to know about a wage dispute

It is unlawful for employers to make unauthorised deductions from employees’ pay unless certain, limited exemptions apply. 

Most wage disputes result from errors that can be quickly rectified once brought to your employer’s attention. In other cases, there may be more serious concerns, such as persistent non-payment of wages.
If there is a persistent failure to pay wages, it may be indication that your employer is in financial difficulty. In such cases, you may also be facing other employment issues, for example, an administrator may take on your employment rights as part of an insolvency process, or you may be transferred to a new employer on the sale of the business.
Taking early advice can help ensure your rights are protected and that you receive your maximum entitlement.

We can help

We can support you in resolving any type of wage dispute you may be facing with your employer.

We advise workers and employers on their legal position, providing a full assessment of their rights under statute and under their contract of employment.

If you are concerned you haven’t been paid enough or if your employer has failed to pay wages due to you, we can help.

We can support you through an initial informal approach to resolving the issue, guide you through any formal grievance procedure that may be necessary and, if the matter remains unresolved, represent you in tribunal proceedings if you have a claim for an unlawful deduction from your wages.

We also have expertise in issues related to wage disputes such as shortfalls in contractual bonus payments and commissions, minimum wage, holiday pay entitlement and constructive dismissal scenarios where you may be considering resigning due to the wage dispute.

We also have extensive experience in negotiating settlements on behalf of employees, which can offer a quicker and more favourable resolution for both parties.

To find out more about our destination services, speak to our specialists.


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