Registered Traveller Service FAQs | DavidsonMorris

9 minute read Last updated: 26th November 2019   Travelling under the Registered Traveller Service offers frequent business travellers a number of benefits. What is the Registered Traveller Service, who is eligible and how do you apply?   This article covers: What is the Registered Traveller Service (RTS)? What are the benefits for business travellers? […]

Immigration Masterclass – Aberdeen Sessions

Immigration Masterclass Immigration law is complex and subject to frequent changes. The Home Office have recently published notice of significant changes to the PBS Licence system and Tier 2 visas. The session will cover: Right to work updates including new rules for EU nationals Tier 2 ICT and General – the new rules being introduced […]

Immigration Site Visits

PBS licence holders operate under a number of immigration compliance duties. To monitor sponsor licence holders, UKVI relies on a number of sources – including immigration site visits, where Home Office representatives attend the employer’s premises to inspect documents and interview employees. Immigration site visits may be announced with prior notice, or increasingly, without warning as […]

Barista Visa – Solution to Labour Shortages or a Bitter Tonic?

Reports of shortages of labour in specific sectors and an exodus of EEA workers as a result of Brexit are fuelling speculation about potential changes in the UK immigration rules. With the General Election now upon us and taking all political focus and energy, we do not expect any clarification on the future immigration status of EEA […]

Tier 5 Visa for Short-Term Skills Gaps

While the Tier 2 visa remains the main entry route to the UK for skilled workers, recent changes to the Immigration Rules may precipitate employers exploring alternative immigration options to meet talent needs. Among the alternative UK visa entry routes available for business purposes is the Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa. The Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa allows […]

Guide to UK Business Visas for Non-EEA Citizens

What are the UK Business Visas for Non-EEA Citizens? With application errors leading to delays, rejections, lost fees, and missed opportunities, it has never been more important for non-EU citizens to select the most appropriate route of entry for their circumstances, whether that is to work, invest or build a business in the UK. Start […]

Global Mobility Compliance in a Crisis

Deploying personnel overseas carries substantial risk, across a number of areas. If the worst were to happen, and a crisis or disaster were to affect your international workers, how would your organisation respond? Employers operating globally-mobile workforces must be prepared. The safety and well-being of your personnel are paramount. The speed and impact of your […]

UK Registered Traveller Service expanded to 16 new countries

The Home Office has announced the expansion of its Registered Traveller Service to include 16 additional countries.  Membership will now be open to passengers from: Argentina Belize Brazil Brunei Chile Costa Rica El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Israel Malaysia Mexico Nicaragua Panama Paraguay Uruguay  The changes take effect Monday 21 November 2016. According to Home Secretary […]

British Citizenship for Tier 1 Investors

For high net worth individuals from outside of Europe, the Tier 1 (Investor) Visa offers one of the most attractive routes to settlement in Britain. And under the current scheme, the more that investors put into the UK economy, the sooner British Citizenship for Tier 1 investors becomes available. The Tier 1 Investor Visa application process is, […]

Avoiding Civil and Criminal Penalties

Now more than ever, employers have to ensure that they carry out the government-prescribed document checks when hiring new employees. Failing to do so exposes employers to high civil penalties and since 12 July 2016, possible criminal prosecution. The statutory excuse The law does not explicitly require employers to perform document checks on all new employees. […]