Working Offshore: UK Visa Guide

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In this offshore working guide, we set out the visa options and immigration rules for foreign nationals arriving directly into UK waters for the purposes of working.   What is offshore? Offshore work in the UK refers to employment on any oil, gas, wind and other installations wholly at sea and fixed to the sea […]

UK Offshore Wind Workers’ Concession Expired

The UK’s offshore wind workers’ concession ended on 30 April 2023. Wind workers relying on the concession were required to leave the UK by 30 April 2023, and apply for entry clearance before returning to the UK for work.   Offshore worker duty to notify the UK Home Office As of 12 April 2023, offshore […]

Immigration Issues for the Oil & Gas Sector

oil gas immigration issues

Oil and gas companies operating in the North Sea region remain reliant on the global talent market and international recruitment to meet workforce needs. Yet the current UK immigration system offers little to support the commercial realities of hiring in a globally-mobile industry. These issues are further compounded by the imminent overhaul of the UK […]

Global Mobility Issues for the Oil & Gas Sector

oil gas global mobility issues

Ever-growing energy demands are creating opportunities for mobile workers and their employers in both new and traditional destinations. Together, these locations are all providing fresh challenges for oil and gas HR and global mobility teams as they work to support corporate strategy and provide the highly skilled technical talent required to service rising energy needs […]

Employment Law Issues for the Oil & Gas Sector

oil gas emp law issues

The oil and gas sector has always raised complex employment law issues. Large projects, globally mobile workers, extreme conditions and the risk of accidents in what is a truly global industry. Despite the difficulties in the petrochemical market in recent years and against a backdrop of lower oil prices, the oil and gas industry has […]

HR Issues for the Oil & Gas Sector

oil gas HR issues

While HR is fundamentally changing across industries, three key themes are driving disruption in HR specific to the oil and gas sector. The imperative for energy companies remains the pursuit of innovation in workforce planning and operations.   Workforce demographic shifts Current workforce demographics place the vast majority of oil and gas workers either older […]

Immigration Skills Charge & Rising Costs of Hiring Skilled Migrant Workers

The latest planned changes to UK immigration rules take effect in April 2017. They bring with them considerable financial implications for employers of skilled workers from outside the EEA, namely those hiring under the Tier 2 route. New Immigration Skills Charge From 6 April 2017 organisations who sponsor Tier 2 migrant workers will have to pay […]

Immigration Oil and Gas and Subsea Industry

Immigration Oil and Gas and Subsea Industry The news has been littered with stories of difficult business decisions being made by oil and gas and subsea companies within a tough economic climate. With so much seismic activity taking place within the sector, Human Resource (HR) managers are reminded of some important immigration considerations that may […]

North Sea Platform Decommissioning

We found a recent article of the Royal Academy of Engineers as regards North Sea platform decommissioning and its link to skills deficiency quite fascinating, and in line with what a number of our clients in the oil & gas industry are experiencing. The article highlights that decommissioning will be an ongoing activity over the […]