Long Term Visitor Visa

long term visitor visa

If you are looking to visit the UK on multiple occasions over a number of years, you may want to apply for a UK long term visitor visa. Whilst this will not allow you to stay in the UK for more than 6 months at any one time, it will enable you to enjoy frequent […]

Visitor Visa for Medical Treatment in the UK

If you are looking to come to the UK to receive private medical treatment or to donate an organ, unless you are a non-visa national, you’ll need to apply for a visa before you can travel to Britain. In this guide, we explain the UK immigration rules for overseas nationals looking to come to the UK […]

Is There a UK Visitor Visa 180 Days Rule?

sponsor licence how long

It’s a common misconception that overseas visitors can only spend up to 6 months in any 12-month period in the UK. That is not to say that a 180-day rule does not exist, it does, but only insofar as the maximum length of stay for each standard visit is limited to 6 months. In this […]

UK Visitor Visa Refusal

If you need a visa to visit the UK, you will have to show that you satisfy the visitor visa requirements or your application will be refused. In this article, we look at the common UK visitor visa refusal reasons, and also consider what to do if your visitor visa application has been refused.   Is […]

UK Visitor Visa (Tourist Visa Advice!)

There are many reasons why you might require a UK visitor visa to come to the UK, from seeing the sights to seeing friends or family. If you’re from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, the Standard Visitor Visa allows you to visit the UK, usually for a period of up to 6 […]

UK Immigration Rules for Visitors

If you are considering visiting the UK for leisure or tourism, for business purposes, to take part in sports or creative events or for private medical treatment, you will need to know how the UK’s immigration rules apply to you. Below we look at the UK Immigration Rules for visitors, from the type of visa […]

Documents Required for UK Visitor Visa

When filing an application for a visitor visa with UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), there are numerous documents that you will need to submit to evidence your eligibility. Failure to provide adequate or required documentation risks your application being delayed or refused. The following guide for visa applicants examines the eligibility criteria and the documents […]

How to Obtain a UK Tourist Visa from India

Guide to securing a UK tourist visa from India  If you are an Indian national wanting to travel to the UK on a short-term basis for a holiday, or to visit friends and family, you will need to obtain a UK tourist visa from India in advance of travelling. If you arrive in the UK […]

UK Registered Traveller Service expanded to 16 new countries

The Home Office has announced the expansion of its Registered Traveller Service to include 16 additional countries.  Membership will now be open to passengers from: Argentina Belize Brazil Brunei Chile Costa Rica El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Israel Malaysia Mexico Nicaragua Panama Paraguay Uruguay  The changes take effect Monday 21 November 2016. According to Home Secretary […]

Visa System to Attract Chinese Visitors to UK

Chinese Visitors to UK Last year, we blogged and kept you updated regarding Home Office plans towards attracting more Chinese visitors to the UK, and also brought you information on what other countries were doing in this respect. Coinciding with the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s first visit to the UK, Home Secretary Teresa May launched […]