Fiance Visa to Spouse Visa UK

fiance visa to spouse visa

Fiancé visas are issued for 6 months, to allow you to get married or enter into a civil partnership while in the UK. If you want to remain in Britain for longer, to live with your new spouse, you will need to apply for a Spouse visa. Under the UK immigration rules, you can make […]

Unmarried Partner Visa UK Guide

unmarried partner visa

If you are a long term partner of a British citizen or someone with UK indefinite leave to remain or settled status, you may be eligible to apply to join them in the UK by applying for an unmarried partner visa.   Unmarried partner visa requirements The unmarried partner visa falls within the UK’s family […]

Spouse Visa Financial Requirement & Exemptions

spouse visa financial requirement

If you are applying for a spouse visa to join your partner in the UK, or are switching visa categories to remain here on the basis of your relationship, one of the eligibility criteria you will need to meet is the financial requirement. Following a government announcement in December 2023, the financial requirement for the […]

Partner Visa UK (Eligibility Requirements!)

partner visa uk

If you are looking to apply for a partner visa to join your loved one in the UK, read on for a summary of the eligibility requirements you will need to meet and an overview of the process for making an application. The UK immigration rules don’t make it easy for families to stay together. […]

FLR M Form: Spouse, Partner or Child Extensions

form flr m

You will need to complete the FLR M form if you want to make an application to extend your stay in the UK on the basis of your family life and relationship to either: A British citizen A person who is present and settled in the UK with indefinite leave to remain, or A person […]

Spouse Visa Application Requirements & Processing Times

spouse visa

The UK spouse visa remains a challenging immigration route into the UK. In an effort to deter sham marriages and prevent non-genuine spouses from being able to come to the UK, the visa and evidentiary requirements for applicants are strict, which can be problematic even for genuine couples. The Home Office’s decision to grant a […]

Spouse Visa Extension Rules 2024

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If you are a UK spouse visa holder and your period of leave is due to expire, you will need to apply for a spouse visa extension to remain in the country with your partner. The spouse visa extension application can be just as rigorous and demanding as your initial visa application. You will again […]

Appendix FM & UK Family Visa Applications

appendix fm

Appendix FM is an extensive document setting out the rules and requirements for individuals to be able to come to the UK by reason of their family life. In this guide, we explain the key requirements for making an application to enter or remain in the UK under Appendix FM.   What is Appendix FM? […]

Switching from Tier 4 to Spouse Visa

If you are currently living and studying in the UK under a Tier 4 student visa and are married to or in a civil partnership with a British citizen or UK settled person, you may be looking at the spouse visa as an option to remain in the UK after your studies. Switching from a student […]

Marrying an EU Citizen in the UK (Spouse Status?)

If you are a British national or have UK settled status and are planning to marry an EU citizen in the UK, it will be important to understand the immigration status of your new spouse. The following guide provides an overview of the position for UK and EU nationals getting married in the UK, including […]