EU Citizens’ Rights After Brexit

In the UK, there have been significant changes to the rights of EU citizens after Brexit. For employers and individuals alike, it is important to understand what these changes are and how they impact UK immigration options.   What are the changes to EU nationals’ rights after Brexit? Following the UK’s departure from the European […]

EEA Residence Card

An EEA residence card proves your enduring right to reside in the UK. When the UK formally departs from the EU, the continuing rights of EEA nationals residing in the UK are, at this stage, unclear. Many EEA citizens are making permanent residence applications now in anticipation that this proof of permanent residence will be […]

EEA PR (Apply for Permanent Residence)

Since this article was published, the UK has introduced a new requirement on EEA nationals in the UK. To retain existing rights after Brexit, EU citizens must register under the EU settlement scheme before the UK leaves the European Union. You can apply to become a British citizen after 12 months with settled status. Contact […]

Applying for a Permanent Residence Card

EEA nationals may be eligible to apply for a permanent resident card once they have been resident in the UK for a period of 5 continuous years. To apply for permanent residence, applicants must be able to evidence they have been exercising their Treaty rights throughout their qualifying period. The permanent resident card entitles the […]

Guide to the EEA Regulations 2016

The Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2016, later updated in February 2017, are the prevailing legislation in respect of the immigration rights of EEA nationals coming to and remaining in the UK. The EEA Regulations 2016 are to remain in force in their current form at least and until UK immigration rules are formally amended as […]

Should you Apply for a Registration Certificate?

Why apply for a UK registration certificate? A UK Registration Certificate is an official document issued by the Home Office to prove right of residence for European Economic Area or Switzerland nationals who are living in the UK under their EU Treaty rights. If you are an EEA national currently living in the UK, under […]

EEA National & Your UK Immigration Rights?

This article was published before the introduction of the EU settlement scheme. If you are concerned about your rights as an EU citizen in the UK, speak to our immigration specialists. In accordance with the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006, if you are an EEA national, you benefit from a number of automatic rights when […]

EEA Registration Certificate for Qualified Persons

The EEA registration certificate provides proof of residence for qualifying EEA nationals exercising their Treaty rights to live, work or study in the Britain. A registration certificate can be a useful document if you do not yet satisfy the 5-year requirement for permanent residency. While there is no legal requirement to obtain an EEA registration certificate […]

EEA Permanent Residence Processing Time

If you are unsure about your immigration options as an EEA national in the UK, and whether to complete the EEA PR Form or to register under the EU settled status scheme, speak to our legal advisers. The permanent residence application process can seem daunting. Form EEA (PR) is 85 pages long, and requires extensive […]

How to Complete Form EEA EFM

The EEA EFM form may be used by extended family members of an EEA national wishing to apply for a registration certificate if they are an EEA national, or a residence card if a non-EEA national. Extended family members include partners who are neither married to nor civil partners of the EEA national, but are […]