Immigration Health Surcharge – How does it Work?

immigration health surcharge

You may need to pay a healthcare surcharge, called the ‘immigration health surcharge’ (IHS), as part of your UK immigration application. You will then be able to use the National Health Service (NHS). You will however still need to pay for certain types of services, such as prescriptions, dental treatment and eye tests. If you have […]

Entry Clearance (UK Guide)

If you are a non-EEA national looking to come to the UK, the following guide will help you to understand the rules and requirements relating to entry clearance, from what this actually means to the rules on transiting though the UK.   What is entry clearance? Under UK Immigration Rules, if you are a non-EEA national coming […]

Spouse Visa Requirements (Need Help?)

The UK spouse visa remains a challenging immigration route into the UK. In an effort to deter sham marriages and prevent non-genuine spouses from being able to come to the UK, the visa and evidentiary requirements for applicants are strict, which can be problematic even for genuine couples. An upsurge in the number of spouse […]

Form AN | British Naturalisation Form

British Citizenship is not an entitlement. You can apply to naturalise after 12 months of either Indefinite Leave to Remain, EU Settled Status or permanent residence by completing Form AN. Form AN applies to most non-UK nationals applying to naturalise in the UK. Children should use form MN1. In this user guide, we will explain […]

Settled Status Requirements: Eligibility & Applications

settled status requirements

To be granted settled status under the EU settlement scheme, an applicant must satisfy specific settled status requirements. These vary depending on where you are from originally, how long you have been resident in the UK and your immigration status within the UK at the time of application. This guide sets out the settled status […]

IELTS For UKVI (Test Guide)

ielts test for ukvi

If you are looking to apply for a UK visa, you may be required by the Home Office to prove your knowledge of the English language by way of a government-approved test, known as the IELTS for UKVI. The following guide looks at the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) in the context of UK […]

Settled Status vs Permanent Residence: What Is the Difference?

EU settled status and UK permanent residence are not the same. EU nationals currently in the UK and wising to remain lawfully in Britain beyond 30 June 2021 will need to take steps to secure their status. The following guide looks at the difference between settled status and permanent residence, and the impact of your […]

Apply For Dual Citizenship UK

If you are considering applying for British citizenship, what does this mean for your current nationality? Is it possible to hold dual citizenship with the UK? Dual citizenship refers to the status of an individual who is recognised by two different nations as holding separate and concurrent citizenship for those two different countries. Each country […]

Tier 2 ILR (Application Guidance!)

tier 2 to ilr

One of the key benefits of the Tier 2 visa is that it can lead to settlement in the UK under Indefinite Leave to Remain. With ILR status, individuals can remain in the UK lawfully without having to meet the ongoing conditions and restrictions of the Tier 2 points-based visa, such as sponsorship by a […]

UK Visa Requirements (Applicant Guidance)

13 minute read Last updated: 30th November 2019   In this article, we look at what travellers need to know about meeting the UK visa requirements and making a successful application to the Home Office. If you are a national of a non EEA (European Economic Area) country or Switzerland and you wish to enter […]