ETA: Electronic Travel Authorisation for the UK

Under the UK’s Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) scheme, certain travellers, including non-visa nationals, Creative Worker Concession holders and transiters, will have to secure authorisation in advance of coming to the UK. In this guide, we explain what the UK ETA is, who will need an ETA and how to apply. We also look at how […]

Innovator Founder Visa to ILR

innovator founder to ilr

The route from Innovator Founder visa to ILR is relatively straightforward, but the requirements for UK settlement must be met and evidenced in your application.   Eligibility requirements for Innovator Founder visa to ILR The Innovator Founder route is a route for overseas nationals who have come to the UK to establish a business based […]

Long Term Visitor Visa

long term visitor visa

If you are looking to visit the UK on multiple occasions over a number of years, you may want to apply for a UK long term visitor visa. Whilst this will not allow you to stay in the UK for more than 6 months at any one time, it will enable you to enjoy frequent […]

British Citizenship Fees 2024

skilled worker to ILR

When applying for UK naturalisation, one of the key considerations will be cost and how much you will need to pay in British Citizenship fees. In 2024, the British citizenship fee is £1500 for naturalisation, or £1351 to register as a British citizen (adult).   British citizenship fees 2024 The table below details all British citizenship fees, […]

UK Visa Fees 2024

british citizenship requirements

What are the current UK Visa Fees? The Home Office charges UK visa applicants a fee to process their application. How much you need to pay will depend on which type of visa you are applying for, and where you are applying from. If you are making an application to the Home Office, use the […]

eVisa: Prove UK Immigration Status


eVisas are being brought in as proof of an individual’s immigration status in the UK. The UK’s immigration system is undergoing a process of digitisation, whereby the way in which visas are issued and the way you prove your status in the UK are changing. The most recent guidance about the eVisa roll-out was published […]

PSW Visa: Post Study for Graduates


PSW visa stands for ‘Post-Study Work’ visa. The UK’s PSW visa is officially known as the Graduate Route. Under the graduate route, international graduates are able to apply for a PSW visa to stay on in the UK for a fixed period of either two or three years after the completion of their degree studies, […]

UK Visa Processing Times (Latest from UKVI)

processing times

The length of time it takes for your application to be processed can be an important factor in deciding when to apply and when to make travel arrangements. But UK visa processing times vary considerably, depending on factors such as the type of visa being applied for, the country or Embassy where the application is […]

Unmarried Partner Visa UK Guide

unmarried partner visa

If you are a long term partner of a British citizen or someone with UK indefinite leave to remain or settled status, you may be eligible to apply to join them in the UK by applying for an unmarried partner visa.   Unmarried partner visa requirements The unmarried partner visa falls within the UK’s family […]

Fiance Visa to Spouse Visa UK

fiance visa to spouse visa

If you have been granted a fiancé visa, the validity of that visa, including the time it takes to get married or enter into a civil partnership in the UK, will be just 6 months. This means that, shortly following the wedding or civil ceremony, you will need to apply to switch from a fiancé to […]