Selecting the Right Candidate for Overseas Assignment

Given the level of investment required to enable effective international working, organisations have to see the value and return in their global mobility programmes. And while HR and mobility departments focus on building and maintaining the Policies, Procedures and Processes that facilitate effective global mobility – it is critical not to lose sight of the fourth, pervasive […]

Improving Global Mobility Efficiency

Global mobility leaders, much like the rest of the business community, are under continued pressure to deliver operational efficiencies and make cost savings. But improving global mobility efficiency translates into benefits beyond cost reductions. Enhanced operational precision and accuracy creates more robust compliance practices, and alleviating demands on mobility professionals’ time enables focus on strategic […]

Aligning Global Mobility & Talent Management

Organisations are under increasing pressure to demonstrate return on their global mobility programmes. Crucially, this entails taking the mobility function beyond the role of a reactive, operational service, to become a strategic driver delivering value across the organisation. This transformation however necessitates collaboration with wider business functions and areas of strategic importance. One area that, […]

Alternative Visa Options for Non-EEA Workers

Since the introduction of the Tier 1 – 5 visa routes, many organisations are overlooking alternative visa options for non-EEA workers when on-boarding new hires or transferring existing staff to the UK. Selecting the Best Visa Option As part of your global mobility programme, it is important to ensure all non-EEA hires and transferees are […]

Managing Mobility Costs and Compliance

The challenging economic environment has put pressure on businesses to explore new ways of facilitating overseas assignments with reduced mobility costs. Global mobility teams have been tasked with lowering their costs, just as other organisational functions have. But they have to do this while maintaining standards such as immigration compliance, and continuing to derive value […]

Mobility Trends and Immigration Compliance Issues

Businesses with global operations are using and adapting different types of mobility to deploy and develop talent, and to tap into global talent pools. But current mobility trends are creating greater compliance issues from an immigration point of view. Talent swaps  One of the fastest emerging modern mobility trends is the talent swap, where employees from different […]