How to Manage Risks of Senior Executive Business Travel

Organisations should not underestimate the immigration compliance risks presented by senior executive business travel. With global business travel spend set to reach $1.6 trillion by 2020, the potential scale of globally-mobile senior executive business travel makes for a compelling case to manage associated immigration compliance risks. Not least because the fall-out of immigration non-compliance can be […]

Fluency Duty & Foreign Workers: A New HR Compliance Risk

The Government has published a Code of Practice aimed at helping public sector employers comply with their ‘fluency duty’ under Part 7 of the Immigration Act 2016. Under the Act, public sector workers in customer-facing roles must be able to speak fluent English, and in Wales, English and Welsh. ‘Customer-facing’ applies to roles where speaking […]

Biometric Residence Permit Checks

When hiring citizens from countries outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), UK employers must carry out biometric residence permit checks to confirm work entitlements of each applicant and avoid the possibility of a civil penalty for illegal employment. All other documents, such as the vignette printed in the job applicant’s passport, are considered insufficient proof […]

Beware Emerging Markets Immigration Risks!

Emerging markets immigration is coming to the fore at a time when immigration rules across the globe are becoming increasingly protectionist. As global businesses look to developing markets in the search for new sales and customers, from an immigration compliance perspective, this raises greater challenges such as enhanced risks, procedural uncertainty and higher overall project costs. Some of […]

Managing Mobility Costs and Compliance

The challenging economic environment has put pressure on businesses to explore new ways of facilitating overseas assignments with reduced mobility costs. Global mobility teams have been tasked with lowering their costs, just as other organisational functions have. But they have to do this while maintaining standards such as immigration compliance, and continuing to derive value […]

Construction Industry, Operation Magnify and Civil Penalty

In 2015, the government unveiled Operation Magnify, designed to target those suspected of using undocumented migrant workers in three sectors, including construction. The Operation involves contacting Construction firms and asking for them to co-operate and disclose data about their current and previous employees and contractors. Last week, we were contacted by a firm based in […]

Online Training of Free Webinars

DavidsonMorris is committed to sharing knowledge and we offer a diverse, comprehensive and flexible suite of legal updates and face-to-face and online training options tailored to the specific need of each company and the level of staff involved. We were one of the first firms to adopt and offer web-based online training through webinars, which […]

Simple Steps to Pass a UKVI Audit

Scientists have discovered that humans make judgements on someone’s trustworthiness within the first 500 milliseconds of hearing their voice. It’s not quite that simple with a UKVI audit, however there’s no doubt that initial impressions can go a very long way to establish your credibility as a responsible and compliant Tier 2 sponsor. And poor initial impressions can […]