Turkish Businessperson Visa Extension Guide

The Turkish Businessperson visa route is no longer open to new applications. However, it is still possible for existing visa-holders to apply to extend their permission to stay in the UK under this route. This guide for Turkish Businessperson visa-holders looks at how to extend this visa, from the extension eligibility requirements and application process […]

UK Visa Processing Times (Latest from UKVI)

uk visa processing

The length of time it takes for your application to be processed can be an important factor in deciding when to apply and when to make travel arrangements. But UK visa processing times vary considerably, depending on factors such as the type of visa being applied for, the country or Embassy where the application is […]

British Citizenship Referee Rules

The process of naturalisation, or applying for British citizenship, requires you to prove you meet the strict eligibility requirements, which include providing referees for your British citizenship application. Applying for British citizenship takes time and you will not be refunded if your application is refused, so it is important to get your submission right first […]

Appendix Skilled Worker (Sponsor Guide)

Appendix Skilled Worker sets out the rules for skilled migrant workers to be sponsored under the UK’s Immigration Rules. The Skilled Worker route is the primary immigration route for overseas skilled workers looking to come to the UK, although an applicant must first meet various requirements to qualify for a visa under this route. These […]

ETIAS Visa Waiver for UK Travel to Europe

If you’re a UK national planning to take a short trip to a European country, or wanting to travel around Europe, under current rules you don’t need to apply for a visa however, in most cases, you will soon need electronic travel authorisation in the form of an ETIAS visa waiver. In this guide for […]

Shortage Occupation List 2023

Shortage Occupation List

The UK’s Shortage Occupation List can be a source of much confusion for employers sponsoring visa workers, particularly when hiring under a sponsorship licence for the first time or recruiting for a different type of role. It is important however for employers, HR professionals and anyone involved in your organisation’s international recruitment to understand the […]

UK Visas for Turkish Citizens

If you are a Turkish national looking to live, work, study or settle in the UK, or want to visit the UK for a holiday or spend time with loved ones, you will need to apply for a visa. This guide looks at the different UK visa, settlement and citizenship options that could be available […]

Student Visa Dependent Applications

Under the existing rules, one of the benefits of the student visa is that it allows you to be accompanied to the UK by certain family members. However, in May 2023, the UK Government announced it will be restricting access to the student dependent visa to only post-graduate research routes. This change is expected to take […]

Innovator Founder Visa Endorsement Guide

Under the rules of the UK’s Innovator Founder visa, applicants must first secure endorsement for their business before they can apply to the Home Office for their visa. In this innovator founder visa endorsement guide, we look at the requirements you will need to meet to be endorsed for your business idea.   What is […]

Sponsor Licence Duties & Compliance Guide

Sponsor licence duties

Sponsor licences permit organisations to access the global talent market and recruit skilled non-UK resident workers – but they come with onerous compliance duties for the employer/sponsor. Fundamentally, the purpose of these duties is to place an onus on employers to play their part in preventing illegal working in the UK. Meeting your duties as […]