Open Hiring: Pros & Cons

Open hiring, or open recruitment as it is also commonly known, is the practice of hiring on a first-to apply basis. In this guide for employers, we discuss what open hiring is and how it works in practice. We also examine the pros and cons of open hiring, the key legal risks for employers when […]

7 Steps to Successful Talent Planning

talent planning

A talent planning strategy is important to ensure that, at all times, you have the right people in the right roles to meet the needs of your organisation. As the needs of a business are constantly evolving, so becomes the need to keep your talent planning strategy closely aligned to your business objectives at any […]

Top 5 HR Trends 2021

The working environment going into 2021 is vastly different to that of the start of 2020. What are the HR trends employers should be considering to support workforce management, performance and positive engagement into 2021?   1. Remote working In response to lockdown rules, 2020 saw universal effort and upheaval to establish employees for remote […]

HR Challenges of International Business

International HR challenges

What are the main HR challenges of international business? Organisations with global operations face complex and relentless personnel issues. From increased legal risk exposure across borders to dealing with a worldwide scarcity of talent, the HR challenges of international business must be overcome to maintain advantage at scale through a high performing, mobile workforce. Legal […]