Annual Leave Policy: What to Include

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An annual leave policy is a critical aspect of supporting consistent and compliant management of workplace holiday entitlements. This helps to avoid grumbles or disagreements within teams and ensures workers are receiving their full entitlement to paid time off work. Without any annual leave guidelines or policy, managers and staff are likely to be unclear […]

Redundancy Settlement Agreement Guide

Settlement agreements are generally used by employers to settle potential employment claims, but they are also commonly used as an alternative to dismissal by redundancy. Notwithstanding the reasons for making someone redundant, the employer must still follow a fair and lawful redundancy process. Using a settlement agreement in a redundancy situation can help to avoid […]

Managing Annualised Hours Contracts

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Annualised hours are the total number of hours an employee works in one year. It refers to a type of employment contract where the employee commits to working their annualised hours over the course of the year, some on a ‘core’ or ‘rostered’ basis and the rest on an ‘unrostered’ basis or short notice to […]

Coaching & Mentoring: Differences Explained

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Investing in and supporting the personal and professional development of your people is shown to be beneficial to the organisation as a whole. Coaching and mentoring, for example, offer ways to develop and support for your staff, both in the short and long-term, and so ensuring you have the necessary skills to enable the organisation’s […]

Occupational Sick Pay (HR Guide)

Occupational Sick Pay

Managing occupational sick pay can often be complicated. The following guide for employers looks at the rules on occupational sick pay – including entitlement, rates and duration – and how this differs to statutory sick pay. We also look at what happens when sick pay comes to an end, and how both long-term and short-term […]

Improve Your Talent Management Process

Talent Management Process

Your workforce is your organisation’s greatest asset. An effective talent management process will allow your company to attract and retain talented individuals, while supporting and nurturing talent in your existing workforce. In doing so, you can enrich every aspect of the businesses operations and significantly cut costs in training and recruitment.   Why is a […]

Conducting Remote Disciplinary & Grievance Hearings

Conducting Remote Disciplinary & Grievance Hearings

With remote working now standard practice across the economy, employers have had to adapt ways of working to accommodate the new normal. This raises specific workforce management issues, such as if and how disciplinary and grievance hearings can be conducted remotely.   The law on HR hearings For employers, it is a matter of ensuring […]

Flexible Working Policy Guide

Flexible Working

Flexible working is the umbrella term given to any working arrangement that provides a degree of flexibility in how, when, or where an employee works. This can include remote working, flexi-time, part-time hours, job sharing, or a combination of these setups. The general goal of flexible work is to provide employees with a greater work-life balance, […]

How to Make a Job Share Work

Job Share

Job shares can be beneficial to both the employer and employees. With many workers now looking for more flexible or reduced working hours, employers are increasingly turning to less traditional working solutions to facilitate talent attraction and recruitment. In practical terms, job shares can allow the worker to pursue other interests or work outside of […]

Occupational Health At Work (How to Meet Your Duties)

Occupational Health At Work

The importance of occupational health at work should never be underestimated. By utilising occupational health services, employers can meet their legal obligations to support workforce well-being, while benefiting from increased productivity and reduced sickness-related absenteeism. A proactive approach to employee welfare is shown to support staff retention and a positive employer brand. In this guide for […]