How to Avoid Expatriate Failure

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Deploying an employee to work overseas on assignment or as a relocation is an investment which can help your organisation take advantage of the global economy. Unfortunately, as is the case with any potentially lucrative investment, international assignments carry a high risk of failure. Expatriate failure can be expensive for your company and an unwelcome […]

Mobility Clause (Advice for Employers)

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Mobility clauses in employment contracts can be a blessing and a curse. If drafted carefully and with thought, they can assist an employer to maintain operations in the event a workplace and workforce have to be relocated. However, if a mobility clause is drafted too widely, is unreasonable or if the employer fails to adequately […]

Cross Cultural Management in Remote, Global Teams

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With remote working increasingly being adopted across borders, it is becoming important for employers to manage cultural differences positively, to enhance performance and collaboration, while reducing conflict and misunderstanding. Managing a business comprised of employees from multiple different cultural backgrounds can be challenging, with a number of considerations on both an individual and organisational level. […]

Global Mobility Trends 2023

There are several trends in global mobility that are expected to continue in 2023, subject to factors such as world events, economic conditions, and advancements in technology. These include: Domestic skills shortages resulting in increased overseas recruitment Digital nomadism Increased use of technology Sustainable travel Emerging destinations Rental market challenges Greater safeguarding of mobile employees International […]

Optimising Value from Virtual Assignments

Optimising Value from Virtual Assignments

Over recent years, virtual assignments have seen growth in use due primarily to advancements in technology and to the escalating costs associated with physically deploying and relocating employees overseas to perform roles. While this development had been emerging progressively, the global pandemic of 2020 and resulting travel restrictions and social distancing regulations precipitated a cataclysmic […]

Managing International Employees

Managing International Employees

Operating internationally allows your organisation to gain commercial advantage and pursue new opportunities. But managing international employees brings risks and challenges.   The strategic role of global mobility On an organisational level, global mobility has developed into complex programmes in support of internal demands and to meet external challenges or obligations. Programmes can now comprise […]

Aligning Global Mobility & Talent Management

Aligning Global Mobility & Talent Management

Organisations are under increasing pressure to demonstrate return on their global mobility programmes. Crucially, this entails taking the mobility function beyond the role of a reactive, operational service, to become a strategic driver delivering value across the organisation. This transformation however necessitates collaboration with wider business functions and areas of strategic importance. One area that, […]

Improving Global Mobility Efficiency

Global mobility leaders, much like the rest of the business community, are under continued pressure to deliver operational efficiencies and make cost savings. But improving global mobility efficiency translates into benefits beyond cost reductions. Enhanced operational precision and accuracy creates more robust compliance practices, and alleviating demands on mobility professionals’ time enables focus on strategic […]

6 Steps to Future-Proof Your Talent Mobility

How can organisations build and nurture a sustainable and globally-capable workforce for the future? Employers need to look no further than tomorrow’s leaders – the so-called ‘millennials’. Much research has been carried out into millennials in the workplace, from which it has become clear that as a cohort, their professional needs, aspirations and expectations differ vastly from older generations. For example, […]

Global Mobility for Succession Planning

How global mobility can enrich your succession planning strategy. Finding the right people remains one of the key challenges in business. Competition for best talent is intense. The challenge becomes even more acute for senior level appointments, particularly where the requirements of a role demand international exposure and experience. Identifying and investing in future leaders […]