Expatriate Failure Reasons (How To Avoid!)

Deploying an employee to work overseas on assignment or as a relocation is an investment which can help your organisation take advantage of the global economy. Unfortunately, as is the case with any potentially lucrative investment, international assignments carry a high risk of failure. Expatriate failure can be expensive for your company and an unwelcome […]

Global Mobility Trends: 2020 & Beyond

An awareness of global mobility trends is essential for mobility and HR professionals within multinational organisations. Keeping your finger on the pulse allows you to ensure compliance, derive competitive advantage and maximise value and return from international projects, leading to lower expatriate failure rates and overall, a happier, more motivated, productive and engaged workforce. Each […]

Delivering A Successful International Assignment

international assignments

8 minute read Last updated: 9th October 2019   Organisations deploy personnel on international assignment for many reasons. Whether you are addressing an internal skills gaps, supporting leadership development or looking to improve working relations across borders, for any international assignment to be successful, there will be a multitude of legal, immigration, tax and pensions […]

HR Challenges of International Business

International HR challenges

What are the main HR challenges of international business? Organisations with global operations face complex and relentless personnel issues. From increased legal risk exposure across borders to dealing with a worldwide scarcity of talent, the HR challenges of international business must be overcome to maintain advantage at scale through a high performing, mobile workforce. Legal […]

Mobile Workforce (and How to Safeguard it!)

Whether exploring new business opportunities abroad, meeting up with partners in the supply chain or visiting overseas sites, many workers, as part of a mobile workforce, are required to travel for business purposes. UK-based employers have a duty of care towards their employees, including those travelling or deployed overseas, whether on a commuter or short-term […]

Types of Global Mobility Assignment (A Guide!)

global mobility types

To achieve the flexibility and agility required to respond to changing business demands while operating within a cost-effective and compliant infrastructure, organisations should explore different types of global mobility assignments. With a varied global mobility portfolio, organisations can optimise the return and value of its mobility activity by ensuring the most appropriate and cost-effective type […]

Global Mobility for Competitive Advantage

How organisations can build competitive advantage through global mobility The cost of moving personnel across borders continues to cause concern for employers with global footprints. Compliance risks abound, and¬†global immigration rules are continually being constricted to discourage fluidity in labour movement. Despite these challenges, in the pursuit of commercial advantage, progressive employers are demanding increased […]

Global Mobility Senior Buy-In

Gaining global mobility senior buy-in: Driving change for impact and improvement Global mobility is undergoing substantial change. On an organisational level, mobility functions are striving to move beyond the administrative remit of a visa processing unit, to become a valued strategic contributor to the organisation. The reality, however, is showing varying degrees of success. One […]

2017 Mobility Trends – Where are we now?

Back in January we looked ahead at global mobility and business immigration trends for the year. Now at the halfway point, what are the 2017 mobility trends UK employers and HR teams can expect to be dealing with? Changes in immigration rules The expectation is that EU citizens’ rights in the UK will change as […]

5 Benefits of Global Mobility Technology

Squeezed budgets, smaller teams and the demand for return on investment are driving employers to examine how they can improve their global mobility programmes. This is where global mobility technology is stepping up, offering solutions with the potential to enhance the efficiency, value and effectiveness of mobility activity. Currently, technology for global mobility means different […]