How to Write a Grievance Letter

grievance letter

If you have a work-related complaint, and informal steps have failed to resolve the issue, you may need to write a grievance letter to raise a grievance with your employer. Different employers can operate different procedures for making a grievance, but in most cases this will entail you writing a grievance letter. Below we look […]

Right to be Accompanied (Employer Guide)

Employees who have been asked to attend a disciplinary or grievance hearing that may result in disciplinary against them will have the right to be accompanied. Employers are under a legal duty to follow a fair and lawful process when conducting disciplinary proceedings. The following guide looks at the rules governing the statutory right to […]

Demoted at Work: What Are Your Rights?


Demotion is where an employee is reassigned by their employer to a role within the organisation that carries lesser responsibility, status or remuneration than their current role. There are certain circumstances in which employees can be demoted lawfully by their employer, but employees remain protected by many employment rights. The following guide looks at when […]