Age Discrimination (Employers’ Essential Guide)

age discrimination

Age discrimination, also known as ageism, is one of the most common forms of unfair treatment at work. Discriminating against an employee because of age can have serious practical and legal implications for your business, even where the discriminatory practice or conduct is unintentional. The following guide looks at age discrimination in the workplace, and […]

Objective Justification (Discrimination Defence?)

Objective justification

When can an employer defend an act of either direct or indirect discrimination by reason of objective justification? As an employer, you are under a statutory duty not to discriminate against any member of staff, or even against a prospective job applicant. That said, there are some circumstances in which you may have a good […]

Associative Discrimination (Advice For Employers)

associative discrimination

By law, you should not treat any member of staff or job applicant unfairly by reason of a protected characteristic, such as their age, gender, a disability, race or religion. This includes not treating them unfairly because of any association with another individual who possesses one of these, or any other, protected characteristic. The following […]

Types of Disability Discrimination

8 minute read Last updated: 25th October 2019   It is unlawful to discriminate against an individual in the workplace by reason of disability. Discrimination issues typically relate to flawed or inconsistent organisational policies, procedures or practices that have failed to accommodate people’s physical or mental impairments as required by law. Understanding and recognising different […]