Understanding Brexit: The UK’s Path to Leaving the EU

what is brexit

The UK’s decision to leave the EU was made through a public referendum on 23 June 2016, known as the “Brexit vote”. The outcome revealed a divided nation, with 52% voting in favour of leaving and 48% voting to remain. This result set the stage for years of negotiations, discussions, and sometimes heated debates about […]

The Immigration Act 1971: A Guide

Immigration Act 1971

The Immigration Act of 1971 acts as a cornerstone of the United Kingdom’s legislative framework governing the entry and stay of individuals in the country. This pivotal piece of legislation introduced the legal foundations for controlling migration to the UK, establishing who has the right to enter and remain, and under what conditions. Its introduction […]

Work Visa UK 2024 Guide

work visa uk

Non-UK residents must have permission to work in the UK. In most cases, this means applying for a UK work visa. The United Kingdom has a structured visa system designed to accommodate a wide range of employment scenarios, making it a prime destination for individuals seeking professional opportunities. There is no general work visa or […]

Explore the UK: Your Guide to UK Visit Visa

uk visit visa

There is no specific ‘visit visa’ for the UK; it’s a general term used colloquially to refer to a number of routes, each designed to accommodate the diverse needs and circumstances of international visitors. Whether you’re planning to visit the UK for a holiday, sampling UK culture or exploring business opportunities, you’ll need to have […]