Section 98 Employment Rights Act Dismissals

section 98

The Employment Rights Act 1996 consolidates the key statutory rights of employees, and governs the way in which all kinds of employment issues should be handled by employers, from protection of wages to terminating employment. In this guide, we look closely at the unfair dismissal provisions under Part X, section 98 Employment Rights Act.   What […]

Vaping At Work Rules

vaping at work

The use of e-cigarettes, or vaping, has increased in popularity over recent years. Where does this leave employers and what approach should they take to vaping at work rules? The following guide for employers on vaping at work looks at what the law says and whether employers should allow employees to use their e-cigarettes on […]

Employing Digital Nomads

employing digital nomads

Developments in modern technology, not to mention the significant shift to remote-working post-pandemic, has led to more and more UK employers being open to flexible overseas working arrangements. This could include employers allowing existing migrant workers to return to their home countries whilst continuing to work for them virtually, or allowing domestic workers to work […]

Disability Discrimination: Overview for Employers

disability discrimination

It is unlawful to discriminate against an individual in the workplace by reason of disability. Discrimination issues typically relate to flawed or inconsistent organisational policies, procedures or practices that have failed to accommodate people’s physical or mental impairments as required by law. Understanding and recognising different types of disability discrimination can help employers take a […]

How Long Is TUPE Valid For?

how long is tupe valid for

TUPE  provides protection to employees in the event that the business they work for transfers to new ownership. In such a situation, the employees will effectively transfer over to the new organisation, too. In many cases, the incoming employer may want to make changes to the transferring employees’ terms of employment in order that all […]