HR Induction Process: Guide for Employers

hr induction process

The induction process provides an organisation with the opportunity to welcome new recruits, helping them to settle in, and ensuring that they have the knowledge and support needed to perform their new role. It is also a chance for the employer to begin to tick the necessary boxes when it comes to discharging the various […]

HR1 Form for Redundancies

hr1 form

When making workforce redundancies, employers have to meet certain legal obligations, depending on factors such as the number of jobs that are at risk and the timeframe within which the redundancies will take place. In some cases, the employer may also be required to provide the Secretary of State advance notice of collective redundancies using […]

Fire and Rehire Rules (Employers’ Guide)

fire rehire

‘Fire and rehire’ refers to when an employer dismisses an employee and rehires them on new terms. Also known as dismissal and re-engagement, firing and rehiring is typically used by employers who wish to vary the terms of their employees’ contracts but could not do so by agreement because te new terms are typically less […]