Collective Consultation for Redundancies

collective consultation

Making workers redundant can be fraught with legal pitfalls. Employers are under strict obligations to follow specific procedures including, where applicable, collective consultation with affected individuals. This is to help ensure that the redundancy process is fair, providing employee representatives and affected staff with the chance to have their say and make alternative suggestions. In […]

Judicial Review Permitted into Government’s Treatment of Individuals with 3C Leave

section 3c leave

The High Court has granted permission for a Judicial Review into the UK Government’s treatment of people with ‘3C leave’. Under Section 3C of the Immigration Act 1971, individuals who make an in-time application to extend their lawful status in the UK are automatically granted a temporary right to stay in the UK which protects […]

Spouse Visa Application Requirements & Processing Times

spouse visa

The UK spouse visa remains a challenging immigration route into the UK. In an effort to deter sham marriages and prevent non-genuine spouses from being able to come to the UK, the visa and evidentiary requirements for applicants are strict, which can be problematic even for genuine couples. The Home Office’s decision to grant a […]