Biometric Residence Permit Guide 2024


Under current UK rules, certain foreign nationals are required to have a biometric residence permit (BRP) as proof of their UK immigration status. BRPs are issued following visa approval, and do not have to be applied for separately. However, specific rules apply which BRP holders must adhere to, including what to do if your BRP […]

PBS Dependant Visa Guidance

pbs dependant visa

A PBS dependant visa, or Family Member of a PBS Migrant visa as it is also known, gives permission to enter and remain in the UK to certain family members of individuals who have or are applying for a UK visa under the points-based system (PBS). The ‘main applicant’ or ‘visa holder’ must be, or […]

Student Dependent Visa Guidance

student dependent visa uk

Recent changes to the UK’s student dependent visa have limited the opportunity for family members to accompany most student visa holders to the UK as dependants. In this guide, we explain the revised rules and eligibility requirements for dependant family members of international students, and detail the application process for those who may qualify as […]