ILR Refused (What Next?)

ilr application refused

A refused ILR application can be devastating, particularly after the cost, time and effort of compiling the application and supporting documents. What are your options if your ILR application has been refused?   ILR refused – what are your options? The place to start is the refusal letter from the Home Office. Consider the grounds […]

Temporary Seasonal Worker Visa for UK

seasonal worker visa

The Seasonal Worker visa offers overseas nationals a fast-tracked route to work in the UK in certain temporary jobs. However, strict rules apply on the kind of work that be done under this route, and it is only available to employers that have been approved by the Home Office. In this guide, we explain the […]

Graduate Route: Stay in the UK

graduate route

As an international student in the UK, you’ll need to apply for permission to stay in the UK after you graduate. The Graduate Route offers student visa holders the opportunity to continue living and working in Britain after completing their studies, without the need to secure a job offer or employment sponsorship. In this guide, […]