Extending a Probation Period

extend probation period

Probation periods allow employers the opportunity to gauge whether or not they have the right person for a role. In practice, however, the initial probation period may not prove to be long enough for the manager to formally sign off the new employee as passing their probation, perhaps due to performance issues. Extending the probation […]

Made a Mistake on Your UK Visa Application?

Mobility Costs and Compliance

When applying for a UK visa, it’s important to provide the Home Office with information that is correct and comprehensive to avoid delays or issues with processing and to avoid a visa refusal. Mistakes can, however, happen. Once you realise you’ve made a mistake on your UK visa application, you should take steps to correct […]

Last In First Out (Fair Redundancy?)

last in first out

When making workers redundant, one of the requirements on employers through the redundancy process is to ensure fair selection criteria are used so as to avoid acting unlawfully and risking costly tribunal claims. The ‘last in first out’ approach was once one of the most common ways of selecting employees for redundancy, as an objective and […]