Undermined at Work? Advice for Managers

Undermined at Work

Undermining behaviour is any action intended to make another person feel less significant than oneself, such as gossip, passive-aggressive remarks, or even direct criticism. In some cases, undermining management can constitute insubordination, which may result in a disciplinary procedure being pursued. For managers, it is vital to recognise these behaviours and learn how to deal […]

VFS Global & UK Visa Applications

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If you’re applying for a UK visa from overseas, you may need to use the services of VFS Global as part of your application. In this guide, we explain what VFS Global is and what its role is in the UK visa application process.   What is VFS Global? VFS Global, also known as “Visa […]

Automatically Unfair Dismissal

There are certain circumstances in which a dismissal may be classed as automatically unfair, regardless of the employee’s length of service. It’s a common misconception that an employee that has not yet accrued two years’ continuous service can be dismissed without the need to provide a fair reason or to follow a fair process. If […]

ETO TUPE & Making Workforce Changes

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Under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) (TUPE) Regulations, employees are afforded certain protections when their employment is transferred to a new employer. If your organisation is planning or has recently undertaken a business transfer, it will be important to understand how the law operates in this context, from the transaction itself and the […]