Can You Start a Business on a Student Visa?

start business in uk on student visa

There are strict rules governing what international students can and cannot do during their period of leave in the UK, including rules on working. But is it possible for student visa holders to start a business in the UK?   Can international students start a business in the UK? Student visa holders are not allowed […]

UK Post Study Work Visa Options


If you’re an international student in the UK, there are a number of visa routes for you to consider that will allow you to remain in the country after you graduate. Your UK post study visa options will depend largely on your circumstances and your plans for after you finish your course. For example, do […]

Student to Skilled Worker Visa Switching (Sponsor Guide)

student skilled worker switching

If your organisation is hiring international graduates, immigration will be a key part of the recruitment and onboarding stages. For applicants, switching from the Student to Skilled Worker visa is rarely straightforward, but the process can be made easier and more certain if the sponsor and applicant work together on the application. While the Graduate route, […]