How to Make a Job Share Work

Job Share

Job shares can be beneficial to both the employer and employees. With many workers now looking for more flexible or reduced working hours, employers are increasingly turning to less traditional working solutions to facilitate talent attraction and recruitment. In practical terms, job shares can allow the worker to pursue other interests or work outside of […]

Occupational Health At Work (How to Meet Your Duties)

Occupational Health At Work

The importance of occupational health at work should never be underestimated. By utilising occupational health services, employers can meet their legal obligations to support workforce well-being, while benefiting from increased productivity and reduced sickness-related absenteeism. A proactive approach to employee welfare is shown to support staff retention and a positive employer brand. In this guide for […]

Giving Constructive Feedback at Work

Constructive Feedback

Feedback is critical to individual growth, both professional and personal. But people take and give feedback in different ways. Not everyone is comfortable having potentially difficult conversations, and some may find it challenging to give others suggestions for improvement in a way that can be clearly understood while not being condescending or destroying confidence. But […]

Shortlisting Process (Guide for HR)

Shortlisting Process

Shortlisting is a crucial stage within the recruitment process, when employers identify the candidates from their applicant pool who best meet the essential and desirable criteria for the job opening in question. For employers, the shortlisting process should optimise both the effectiveness and efficiency of candidate selection for interview. There are, however, important legal considerations […]