Employee Engagement & Organisational Change

Employee Engagement & Organisational Change

Organisational change, by its very nature, can be a source of concern and anxiety for employees. Handled poorly, and change processes can result in reduced morale and productivity, failed change adoption and employee attrition. As part of any planning for organisational change, employers should take proactive steps to manage and optimise the impact of changes […]

Capability Dismissal: Employer Guidance

A capability dismissal refers to an employer terminating an employment contract on the basis of the employee’s underperformance or ill-health. Employers are permitted to lawfully dismiss employees due to poor performance, but in doing so they must follow a fair process. This means, among other requirements, that the employer has to have a reasonable belief […]

Equality Act 2010: Employers’ Guide

The Equality Act 2010 establishes and governs employee rights and employer responsibilities in relation to protecting people from discrimination in the workplace, among other areas. It is essential that employers, and those responsible for managing the workforce, fully understand the provisions under the Act and the potential consequences of failing to comply. The following guide […]