Voluntary Overtime Pay Rules

Voluntary overtime can offer an effective way to resource surges in work or to address staffing issues. However, employers must ensure they are managing overtime correctly, including giving employees their full entitlements to overtime pay. In this guide for employers, we look at the rules relating to voluntary overtime pay, including how voluntary overtime differs […]

Avoiding Recruitment Bias

Recruiting best talent is critical to all organisations. But recruitment decisions can, and often are, influenced by unconscious recruitment biases. Such biases can be hard to identify, but they can lead to imbalances in the hiring process, which will ultimately create a less diverse workforce. The way we think is largely moulded by various unconscious […]

Disciplinary Hearing Guide for Employers

Under ACAS guidelines, before an employer can lawfully dismiss or sanction an employee for a disciplinary issue, the employer should first hold a disciplinary hearing with the employee. The meeting must be managed correctly to avoid allegations that the employer failed to handle the disciplinary process fairly. In this guide, we look at how employers […]

How to Adopt Continuous Feedback

Continuous feedback is increasingly becoming the norm in the workplace, driven largely by the expectations of millennial and Gen Z workers, and as employers realise the benefits in relation to enhanced workforce engagement, development and performance. In this guide, we take a practical look at why and how to adopt continuous feedback.   What is a […]