Dismiss For Poor Performance (Steps To Take)

Before an employer can lawfully dismiss an employee for poor performance, they must first show they have followed a process to allow the employee the opportunity to improve and meet the standards required in their role. Failure to follow a fair capability or performance management process can lead to any resulting dismissal being deemed unfair […]

Holiday Pay on Termination of Employment

Holiday pay on termination of employment will be one of the elements when calculating an employee’s final salary. The following guide for employers sets out the rules on holiday pay when an employee leaves your organisation, helping to minimise the possibility of any errors or complaints.   What are the rules on holiday pay on […]

Settlement Agreements: Employer Guidance

Settlement agreements offer employers and employees a way to end employment on mutually agreed terms. For the agreement to be legally binding and effective, there are several requirements that must be met, as well as practical considerations for employers when negotiating settlements.   What is a settlement agreement? A settlement agreement, also known as a […]