How Long Should You Keep Personnel Files?

Personnel records include the employee’s personal details, pay and tax information, working time, absences, training, career progression and any disciplinary or grievance matters. An employer’s duties to retain personnel records are governed by a combination of business and statutory requirements, as well as accepted best practice. Employers should bear in mind that they owe general […]

Phased Return to Work (HR Guide)

A phased return to work is where an employee who has absent from work due to illness, usually for some time, agrees with their employer a way to ‘stagger’ how they come back into the workplace, rather than resuming duties on a full-time basis straight away. Such employees may have had a serious physical or […]

Mental Health Days at Work

While employees may not think twice about calling in sick due to physical illness, the same probably can’t be said for emotional or mental illness. When employees feel stressed, overwhelmed or anxious, this can lead to disengagement from work, a decrease in productivity, and a rise in workplace absence, disputes and conflict. Likewise, employees suffering […]

Benefits of Zero Hour Contracts

A zero-hours contract is an agreement between an employer and an individual where the employer does not guarantee to provide a set number of working hours and only pays for the work actually undertaken. In practice, this means the employer does not have to give the individual work, and they are not obliged to accept […]