Global Mobility Trends 2023

There are several trends in global mobility that are expected to continue in 2023, subject to factors such as world events, economic conditions, and advancements in technology. These include: Domestic skills shortages resulting in increased overseas recruitment Digital nomadism Increased use of technology Sustainable travel Emerging destinations Rental market challenges Greater safeguarding of mobile employees International […]

Social Media Screening in Recruitment

Social media has changed how people and businesses interact, presenting both opportunities and risk. In the context of recruitment, employers routinely use social media platforms to advertise vacancies and to promote their employer brand. It has also become increasingly common practice for employers to use social media screening to find out more about job candidates. In […]

Failure to Make Reasonable Adjustments

A failure to make reasonable adjustments refers to a breach of the employer’s duty to ensure that workers and applicants are not substantially disadvantaged in carrying out or applying for a job because of a disability when compared with people who do not have a disability. This is a statutory duty that most employers are […]