Objective Justification (Discrimination Defence?)

As an employer, you are under a duty not to discriminate unlawfully against any member of staff, or even against a prospective job applicant. That said, there are some circumstances in which you may have a good enough reason for treating someone less favourably, or causing a particular group of people a disadvantage. This potential […]

Working Under Protest (HR Guide)

A ‘working under protest’ scenario will often arise where an employee has lodged a formal grievance within the workplace following a contractual change to their pay or other terms, whilst preserving their right to take legal action against you. When an employee is working under protest, it is imperative as an employer that you seek […]

Managing Enhanced Maternity Pay

Providing employees with enhanced contractual rights when it comes to maternity pay can help to attract and retain top talent within the workforce. However, employers should first understand how enhanced maternity pay provisions operate in practice, from how these differ to statutory maternity pay to the conditions that can be used to qualify any enhanced […]